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Media is one of the most rapidly changing fields in the agency business. In many parts of the world, we are squarely at the forefront of that change. Often, we find ourselves leading the way to new change.

Our success springs from a decidedly different approach to the business of media, and our philosophy of what makes a good media plan and a good media buy. As with all of our disciplines, our over-arching goal is to provide and build true leadership – both for our people and for the brands we handle. It gives us great pleasure when a client has particularly high aspirations. We can help his or her brand be perceived as a brand leader through the media options we plan, create and purchase. Our media clout is a major asset. That clout comes from confidence and beliefs that set us apart from other operations.

We think of our media professionals as investment counselors. We understand media can be costly, especially when approached as an expense. We view it as an investment. (One that should deliver healthy dividends.) Like investment counselors, we manage each brand’s budget for maximum return over time to build and sustain brand leadership. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Given the sums, there should be no surprises. At the heart of this responsibility is open communication with our clients. Our financial arrangements must be fully understood by our clients.

As evidence of this commitment, we fully endorse a client’s right to audit any and all financial records of media activities with us. Media is a business activity in and of itself. Media success requires an understanding of the brand’s marketing plan, and a collaboration with other agency disciplines. And yet, the media business of MISC is unique among disciplines.

It is self-standing and self-sufficient. Whether it’s formally unbundled from other agency resources or not, we believe media should have its own revenue streams to acquire and retain the best resources – and to compete successfully for the growing amount of media-only business around the world.

We will never compromise on delivering value for our clients. Somewhere, there will always be a cheaper, less effective way to go. We contend, however, that no-one will beat us on value – what we define as the proper balance between price and quality. The relative weighting will vary by client, but even here, getting the balance right is what we do best. Media is any means by which a brand’s message is communicated to the customer. We have no built-in bias towards digital media. Or television. Or print. Or radio. Or bus shelters. Or matchbook covers. Or sandwich boards. Or the latest technological medium.

We have, in fact, recommended and bought them all. In addition, we’ve been instrumental in creative new media vehicles… everything from OOH to digital media. The key, again, is value. If media options add value, it’s worth pursuing. If it helps our client’s brand be seen as an innovative leader, we’ll seek it out and develop it.

WE ARE THE CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION COMPANY We use the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, clients and communities.
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