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Throughout a long history of over than 25 years, in media and advertising, Misk Communication holdings faced two main challenges: The first challenge: Misk started as a Full integrated marketing agency under one roof and included creative, media planning, public relations and more.

Back then, most of the media agencies were providing all the services from one place.

At the turn of the new century, agencies started to separate media planning and creative department to be different entities.

However, we believed that this would create inconsistency and incoherence in business.

Misk held to the philosophy of combining both departments although it was unfamiliar then. After 20 years, all media and advertising agencies recombined the two departments again.

Specific terms such as city and village started to emerge as agencies’ business names to reflect the trend of recombining creative and media departments.

This means that Misk’s 20-year-old point view showed great foresight as creative and media planning is integral and inseparable parts for providing a coherent, consistent, and successful service for the client. The second challenge faced by Misk was the digitalization era.

Very few agencies paid attention to this great change including Misk.

That’s why Algamal.net was launched in 2003, which makes it a pioneer in digital media as the first website specialized in beauty and fashion.

Significantly, Algamal is older than Facebook which was launched in 2004.

This is also clear evidence that MISK has considerable foresight.

MISK’s interest in the digital transformation of media was strong from the start, and it never waned.

Our up to date and deep knowledge secured us a significant share in the market.

Now, MISK focus not only on digital marketing but also on the digital economy and digital business transformation as a whole.

MISK Communication holding provides a myriad of solutions including e-commerce, e-finance, digital campaigns, and others.

WE ARE THE CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION COMPANY We use the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, clients and communities.
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